Foxes, the scourge of the farmyard, have been given a comedic twist in the online slot game Greedy Fox,

created by software company Stakelogic. So, foxes definitely aren’t as big of a problem as they formerly were. Due to the large-scale industrial nature of contemporary egg production, foxes are generally eradicated before they can get their greedy mitts on the goods. Back in the days of “mom and pop” farms, when they could easily break into cozy chicken coops and cause mayhem, this pest was likely more of a problem. Greedy Fox is an online slot game set in this type of environment, and it has a progressive multiplier, free spins, and expanding wilds that cover a whole reel.

The style that Greedy Fox adopts is one that is commonly used by slot machine developers to depict farming, and it is quaint in its own right. That calls for sunny skies, green fields, contented livestock, and a huge red barn. Greedy Fox isn’t exactly brimming with original artistic ideas, but it’s a pleasant sight to behold, and the animals dressed up as human symbols give a touch of humor. The presentation is colorful and vibrant, like something from Pragmatic Play, yet Stakelogic’s fingerprints can be seen when things start to get serious.

The reason for this is the Super Stake ante bet, which may be activated in addition to the player selecting a usual stake of 20 p/c to £/€20 every paid spin. If you double your bet, you have twice as many spins in the Greedy Fox free spins bonus round. This is a highly volatile slot with four different ways to buy a feature, but it seems like the return value is the same whether the Super Stake is activated or not, at 95.8%.

The game board for Greedy Fox consists of 5 reels and 4 rows, and it features 20 fixed paylines. All combinations, from 3-of-a-kind to 5-of-a-kind, must begin on the leftmost side of the tableau. A line of five roosters, cows, horses, or bulldogs pays 10 to 50 times the wager, whereas a line of five aces pays 2.5 to 5 times the wager. Symbol values remain the same regardless of whether the Super Stake is active.

Slot Machines with a Greedy Fox

Features like the Egg Scatter Symbol, the Wild Greedy Fox Symbol, free spins, and a bonus purchase are discussed in detail for Greedy Fox.

Scattergram of an Egg

When Egg Scatter symbols appear on the board, a random monetary amount is displayed. When a Greed Fox icon appears in a player’s grid, they are rewarded with these sums. In addition, accumulating 5 Egg Scatters activates 10 bonus spins.

Symbol of the Wild, Greedy Fox

A whole reel of wild symbols that can substitute for normal pay symbols is created when the Wild Greedy Fox symbol appears. The Egg Scatter values in the area are gathered by the Wild Greedy Fox once it has expanded. All other wins on the spin remain intact.

Bonus Turns

As was previously indicated, if you get 5 Egg Scatters, you’ll receive 10 free games. Like in the main game, the Wild Greedy Fox will gather any Egg Scatters that land on the reels at the same time to trigger additional free spins. A global multiplier is applied during free spins, beginning at x1 and increasing as more Egg Multiplier Symbols appear on the screen. Each free spin’s final win is multiplied by this global multiplier. There is a new symbol in the free spins round that isn’t in the regular game. The value of this Bonus Win symbol is equal to the sum of the values of the Egg Scatter Symbols that triggered the bonus round. During free games, the Bonus Win symbol pays out its value.

Purchase Incentive

You have four choices with the Buy Bonus. 100x the wager will provide 10 free spins, 200x the bet will award 10 free spins with a guaranteed Bonus Win symbol on every spin, 500x the bet will award 10 free spins with a guaranteed Bonus Win symbol and Wild Greedy Fox on every spin, and 150x the stake will award a randomly selected option from the first three.

Fox’s Slot Verdict: Greedy Play

Have you ever ordered your go-to egg dish, say Eggs Benedict, at a fancy cafe, restaurant, or whatever and been served something completely different because the chef went and did something creative, throwing out the rule book to be all unique and individual? Actually, that’s not how Greedy Fox acts at all. While the game does throw in a few unexpected twists, at its core it is just a bright farm-themed slot with a money symbol collection function that is quite standard and a free spins bonus round that has the ability to significantly ramp up the thrills over the base game.

If you’re into the whole “farm thing,” then this rural area should feel like home. Perhaps one day a developer will get the courage to show a more sobering picture of farming and livestock raising, but until then, gamers will have to make do with the rosy optimism of games like Greedy Fox. The cute animals are a perfect fit for the game’s theme and mechanics, which range from full reel wilds helping you win lines to collecting Egg Scatter symbols. The use of a full reel wild to collect money symbols is novel and helps ensure that line winnings don’t feel meaningless in the face of money symbol chasing. Games in Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass line and others have employed a global multiplier to enhance their free spins feature for years. However, the maximum gain in Greedy Fox is an astonishing 20,000 times the wager, making it far more successful quantitatively than in those fish games.

It’s possible that bonus purchasers will see Greedy Fox more favorably than other horses. Free spin rounds that don’t appear to be triggered naturally can be accessed by purchasing one of Greedy Fox’s bonuses, eliminating the need to wait. Greedy Fox, despite a few novel additions, didn’t feel like a major shift in the money symbol gathering paradigm, but anyone who enjoys this style of gameplay and/or barnyard antics should find much to enjoy here.

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